Dr. Roofix Roof Cleaning Services

Trusted and professional roof cleaning services in your area

Is your roof looking dusty, dirty, or
even think about a wash?

At Dr. Roofix we make all of these ideas possible with our expert team of technicians that are waiting to readily give a fast sweep to your roof and make it look like new.


Our Dedicated Services and Top of
the Industry Manufacturing

Our services range from roof cleaning and maintenance to protect the integrity of your home and extend your roof´s life, to roof replacement and installation. We carry high-end materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient that are specially designed to comply with the highest family-first standards.

After years in the industry, we have formed solid alliances with the most recognized manufacturers and suppliers in America so our clients have access to top-of-the-line materials for their homes. Moreover, our technicians only use industry-grade tools and are trained in the latest methods that guarantee maximum efficiency and improved durability for every project they finish.

Call us at Dr. Roofix and make your roof clean and stainless for keeping its life-extent way more protected and secure.

Top Cleaning Service for all
Kinds of Roofs

We clean most types of roofs that don’t easily get damaged by external cleaning chemicals, or are too soft to be properly sweeped with the necessary strength to remove stains and moss. We clean most types of tile roofs, aluminum, etc. But we might take out the soft kind of aluminum tiles that could easily get damaged by our products, and we also take out roofs that need immediate replacement or repairing services.


Our Latest Work


We welcome roof emergency calls and properties protected by insurance. Give us a call and schedule a visit today!