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Is your roof looking dusty, dirty, or
even think about a wash?

At Dr. Roofix we make all of these ideas possible with our expert team of technicians that are waiting to readily give a fast sweep to your roof and make it look like new.

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Cleaning A Roof Is Way Important
Thank You Might Think

When taking in consideration a roof cleaner, you indeed have a reason to. The roof might be looking like it’s getting mossy, and this definitely is not a cool and aesthetic feature. This can deteriorate your roof and later have to replace it if needed. To prevent any kind of future problem, we are able to sweep and clean a roof, properly taking out any residues or deteriorating materials that have fallen above the roof.

Talking about a wash is also important, since leaving your roof without a proper wash for a long period of time can cause algae or mildew to quickly spread throughout the roof and later damage the overall condition and shortening the longevity of the structure’s life. We can resolve the washing problem with ease, protecting your structure, keeping it looking good, and preventing any stains from appearing in your roof with our special cleaning equipment, specially designed for roof cleaning.

Call us at Dr. Roofix and we will have your new roof perfected and ready to be installed as soon as possible.

Snow problems?

That’s no issue for us, since we also install ice barriers in your roof to make sure that absolutely nothing gets in the way between your roof and home. We always adhere to your needs, so we can always check if you need a roof which needs to be built in a flattened or triangle angle, which we also adhere to extra decking options for your roof installment. We also make sure that your roof security is perfect and still so that you don’t have to deal with future high-cost electricity bills.


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