Trusted and professional roof replacement services in your area

Taking in account that your roof
may no longer stand alongside
your house?

Maybe it’s already decaying and needs immediate help. That’s why you have Dr. Roofix available at all times for you and any roof replacement service that you require in a fast response from the best technicians that we have.


Quality Of Your Roof Is Our
Number One Priority

We take care of your safety and the roof’s possible disabilities that will affect many elements of your house. That’s why replacing your roof is the first thing to consider if you think that your roof will no longer be able to stand again even after repair.

Before replacing your roof, we perform a strict evaluation of your home to make sure that nothing will do any external damage to your home or other surfaces around the roof. This includes ceiling stains that might deteriorate the material of your roof, attic leaks, and underlayment damage.

Call at Dr. Roofix and appoint our Replacement Services as
soon as you wish so that our team can take care of that
deteriorating roof to replace it with a shiny one.

Our Dedicated Roof
Replacement Service

After doing so, we inform you of all the damages present, and determine a fixed cost in which we will help you to decide. Whether you prefer your new roof made of asphalt shingles or concrete tiles, we help you determine all the factors of those options you choose, like the climate dangers, durability, and ornamental structure. We even take care of color designs that you wish to have for your roof.

After everything is done, your roof will be delivered to your house as soon as all your roof choices have been successfully carried out by the team, and you will enjoy a new and fresh-looking roof.


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