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D. Roofix is among the most recognized professional roofing services company across the nation. Whether you want to install new asphalt shingles to enhance your property's appeal, or need urgent storm damage repair, you need the help of expert roofing technicians who can ensure an affordable and timely solution to protect the integrity of your home.

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We believe that every home improvement services company should strive for honesty and impeccable workmanship. Our trained and certified roof technicians offer a quick and detailed inspection of your roof condition so you can make completely informed decisions about your home and general well being. Roof leaks, mold and moss growth, failing shingles and metal panels, deteriorated chimney and pipe boot flashing. These are all problems that require specialized attention from the best roofing technicians in your area.


Dr. Roofix has always been the best in industry customer service.

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Get award winning workmanship and top-of-the-line materials so your roof installation, roof repair, or roof replacement projects provide durable high-quality results. Dr. Roofix works with every type of roof materials and structures: flat or slanted roofs, asphalt or composite shingles, metal flat or standing panels. Call our roof technicians today, and find out how we can restore the integrity of your roof or install a brand new roof that will not only enhance the value of your property, but also protect your home´s structure and increase your energy efficiency.


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We welcome roof emergency calls and properties protected by insurance. Give us a call and schedule a visit today!